Acquisition CriteriaMcDonough Corporation

McDonough Corporation has enjoyed a long history of success in its acquisition strategy. From the era of Mr. Bernard P. McDonough to today, our company has been able to identify businesses with the attributes necessary to thrive in an ever-evolving economic climate. As we consider future businesses to add to our family of companies, the following factors play a key role in the decision-making process:

Excellent Management Teams

McDonough Corporation knows that the success of our enterprise rest squarely on the shoulders of our leaders in the organization. We examine the people in charge of any possible acquisition target Рcurrent owners, managers, executives, and other key employees Рto help us evaluate the potential for continued favorable returns for that entity, and maintain the integrity of the corporate culture created by Mr. McDonough. As a larger enterprise with years of experience running many diverse businesses, McDonough Corporation assists with business management services such as records management, administration, legal, mailing and shipping, and payroll and accounting, in order to create synergy  among the businesses, and allow our companies to focus on the priorities that create opportunity.

Complementary Businesses

McDonough Corporation historically has focused on businesses operating in the construction, marine, hospitality and service industries. Using that investment model, we strive to maintain effective communication between the leaders of our businesses, sharing ideas and resources, taking a group approach to solving issues, and making our companies more successful. Businesses that we would consider adding would ideally complement the existing holdings of the company. These synergistic additions create cost savings, expand market positions, allow for shared utilization of resources, and improve the profitability of all of the companies in the portfolio.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage is a necessary trait for any successful business, whether that’s operating in a niche market, exclusive licensing, market share, superior distribution channels, industry leadership, branding, barriers to market entry, or other unique dynamic. McDonough Corporation understands the value of these competitive advantages, and factors those proprietary attributes into its acquisition determinations.

History of Success

McDonough Corporation looks to acquire businesses that have experienced sustained profitability and growth within their respective industries. Companies that are responsive to changing business conditions and can operate effectively in varying economic climates are a priority on our list of acquisition characteristics.

Long-Term Investments

McDonough Corporation targets businesses that appear poised to thrive over the long haul. We are not a commodities-type mergers and acquisitions firm, whose holdings are ever-changing. Our portfolio is built on sustained growth rather than constant turnover. Our aim is to strengthen businesses that have the potential for financial greatness, and help them achieve lasting success.

Investment and Participation

McDonough Corporation will consider all investments that meet our business model. While typical investments include majority control of the acquired company stock, minority investment opportunities will also be considered. Regardless of the investment size, McDonough Corporation has an active role in the executive management, planning, and business strategies of all of the companies in our portfolio.

Business Proposal Submissions

If you have a business that you feel fits the standard to be considered a McDonough Company we ask you to submit your business proposals and information to our corporate headquarters.